Weather Related Losses

SECTION 27-76-6

§ 27-76-6. State of emergency; effect upon insurance policies; rules.

(a) The department of business regulation may promulgate regulations to take effect upon the declaration of a catastrophe, as declared by a nationally recognized catastrophe loss index provider, that address any of the following or other matters related to the catastrophe for insurance policies issued in this state:

(1) Reporting requirements for claims related to the emergency;

(2) Grace periods for payment of insurance premiums and performance of other duties by insureds (other than the duty to mitigate); and/or

(3) Temporary postponement of cancellations and nonrenewals of insurance policies.

(b) Subdivisions (a)(2) and (3) above apply to all insurance policies, regardless of the line of insurance, issued to residents of this state displaced as a result of the catastrophe. The regulations shall require the insurer to make reasonable efforts to contact the policyholder and provide the accommodations requested by the policyholder, within the limits of accommodations detailed in the regulation, upon confirmation that the policyholder has been displaced by the catastrophe.

History of Section.
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