Casualty Insurance Rating

SECTION 27-9-52

§ 27-9-52. Assessment for costs of rate filings, review, and pricing.

The director of the department of business regulation may appoint actuaries and any other required administrative personnel to assist the director in the performance of his or her duties relating to the evaluation of rate filings, reviews, and pricing procedures of insurers; the actuaries and other administrative personnel shall serve under the direction of the director and shall be removable at the director's pleasure. The director is authorized to enter into contracts with consultants for the purpose of studying rate filings, reviews, and pricing procedures of insurers. Insurance companies doing insurance in this state shall be assessed according to a schedule of their direct writings of insurance in this state to pay for the compensation of the actuaries, consultants, and other administrative personnel retained hereunder. This assessment shall comply with the provisions pursuant to chapter 37 of title 28.

History of Section.
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