Labor and Labor Relations

Payment of Wages

SECTION 28-14-20

§ 28-14-20. Filing of claims.

(a) All claims for wages may be filed with the director within three (3) years from the time of services rendered by an employee to his or her employer.

(b) An aggrieved person who alleges a violation of any provision of this chapter may bring a civil action for appropriate injunctive relief or actual damages or both within three (3) years after the occurrence of the alleged violation of this chapter.

(c) An action commenced pursuant to subsection (b) may be brought in the court for the county where the alleged violation occurred; the county where the complainant resides; or the county where the employer against whom the civil complaint is filed resides or has his, her or its principal place of business.

(d) As used in subsection (b), damages include two (2) times the wages owed to the employee for the first offense.

(e) Attorney's fees, including litigation expenses, may be granted to a prevailing plaintiff.

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