Labor and Labor Relations

Mechanical Trades

SECTION 28-27-18

§ 28-27-18 Registration of apprentices.

(a) Any person who has agreed to work under the supervision of a licensed pipefitter, refrigeration/air conditioning, sprinkler fitter or sheet metal master under a state sanctioned apprenticeship program shall be registered by the director of labor and training upon the payment of a twenty-four dollar ($24.00) annual fee and be issued a certificate of apprenticeship. A renewal certificate shall also be issued for twenty-four dollars ($24.00) for each succeeding twelve (12) month period.

(b) The minimum formal training period for a P.J.F. limited class II license shall be one hundred sixty (160) hours of classroom and/or laboratory technical training, approved by the department of labor and training. The fee schedules for the P.J.F. limited license are detailed in § 28-27-5.2. All other sections of this chapter shall remain in full force and effect.

History of Section.
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