Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 27
Mechanical Trades

R.I. Gen. Laws § 28-27-22

§ 28-27-22. Procedure for revocation of license.

(a) No proceedings to revoke a license as provided in this section shall be instituted unless filed with the department of labor and training within one year after the date or dates of violation(s).

(b) No license shall be revoked or cancelled until a full and impartial hearing as provided in this section.

(c) No hearing for the purpose of revoking any license of master or contractor or journeyperson shall be held unless there is first placed on file with the department a verified complaint, in writing, reciting therein with reasonable particularity a statement of facts that, if proved, would be sufficient to constitute a violation of one or more of the specifications as set forth in § 28-27-21.

(d) Upon the filing of a verified complaint as provided in this chapter, the department shall promptly set a date for the hearing of the charges which shall be held in the city of Providence in this state. The department shall promptly by registered, certified mail forward to the licensee charged in the complaint a true and honest copy of the complaint and notification of the time and place a hearing of the charges shall be held.

(e) At the time and place fixed in the notification, the department shall proceed to a hearing before the board of the charges specified in the complaint. No hearing upon the charges of the complaint shall be had unless the records of the department contain evidence that the licensee charged in the complaint has been served with a copy of the complaint and notification of at least twenty (20) days prior to the date of the hearing; provided, that the appearance of the licensee so charged, either in his or her own behalf or by counsel, shall constitute proof that sufficient notice of hearing was served.

(f) A complaining party by him or herself or by counsel may aid in the presentation of evidence toward sustaining the complaint. Ample opportunity shall be accorded for hearing all evidence and statement of counsel either in support or against the charges of the complaint. Upon good cause shown, the date of the hearing on the complaint may be continued; provided that the licensee and other interested parties shall be reasonably notified about the date of the continuance.

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