Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 27
Mechanical Trades

R.I. Gen. Laws § 28-27-5.1

§ 28-27-5.1. Practices for which a journeyperson or apprentice license required.

(a) No person shall engage to work as a pipefitter, refrigeration/air conditioning, or sprinkler fitter journeyperson or apprentice, or journeyperson sheet metal worker or apprentice, or shall advertise or represent in any form or matter that he or she is a journeyperson or apprentice, unless that person possesses and carries on his or her person at all times while so engaged a valid license issued by the department of labor and training qualifying that person as a journeyperson or apprentice.

(b) A person holding a valid license under this chapter shall not be required to obtain an additional license under this chapter to perform sheet metal work when AC air handling equipment is ten (10) tons or less or when heating equipment does not exceed 250,000 BTUs.

(c) A holder of a journeyperson license shall only be entitled to work as an employee of the properly licensed master permit holder in accordance with this chapter.

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