Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – General Provisions

SECTION 28-29-1.2

§ 28-29-1.2. Legislative findings and implementation of reforms.

(a)(1) WHEREAS, the system of workers' compensation in the state of Rhode Island is presently in a state of crisis; and

(2) WHEREAS, the stability and fiscal health of the overall workers' compensation system is essential to the delivery of appropriate compensation and health care to the injured worker; and

(3) WHEREAS, all professionals providing services covered under the provisions of this title must take into account, in the performance of their service, the important public policy in favor of a sound and properly functioning workers' compensation system in this state, and have the duty to protect and maintain the integrity of this system; and

(4) WHEREAS, abuse and misuse of the workers' compensation system has brought discredit on the system and its participants, including the legitimately injured worker, and has endangered the stability and fiscal health of the system; and

(5) WHEREAS, significant improvement has already been initiated by the general assembly's 1990 reforms and by the administration of the workers' compensation court; and

(6) WHEREAS, sweeping additional reform is required to bring the system into balance and eliminate waste and unnecessary costs; and

(7) WHEREAS, additional incentives are necessary to induce insurers adequately and vigorously to manage their cases; to swiftly and fairly identify and remove from the workers' compensation system employees who are no longer disabled; to swiftly and fairly make appropriate adjustments for employees who are capable of employment; to motivate return to gainful employment in the work force; to improve the safety of the workplace and the rehabilitation to gainful employment in the work force; to improve the safety of the workplace and the rehabilitation to gainful employment of the injured worker; and to assure that all participants in the system recognize their obligation to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the overall integrity and welfare of the compensation system, and that deviation from that conduct is at their peril.

(b) Any amendment to chapters 29 – 38 of this title which may affect the cost of workers' compensation to the state of Rhode Island shall have a fiscal note attached.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 31, § 1.)