Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – General Provisions

SECTION 28-29-13.1

§ 28-29-13.1. Booklets – Information.

(a) In order to ensure that both employers and employees are fully informed as to their rights and responsibilities, the director shall prepare, publish, and distribute an illustrated booklet explaining, in informal and readily understandable language, those rights and responsibilities. The director shall be responsible for periodic revision of the booklet.

(b) The director may present educational seminars and publish a separate volume containing the provisions of the general laws relating to workers' compensation. All fees received from the seminars and the sale of the publications shall be deposited as general revenues. All booklets and the publications referenced in this chapter shall indicate that they are not official publications of the state of Rhode Island, and they are published merely for the convenience of the public. They shall not be relied upon as authority for what is contained in the general laws.

History of Section.
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