Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – State and Municipal Employees

SECTION 28-31-6

§ 28-31-6. Payment of benefits for municipal employees – Action for collection.

(a)(1) The expenses incurred for and in behalf of any town or city under the provisions of §§ 28-31-3 and 28-33-5 – 28-33-11, and the amount of compensation due an employee of a town or city as determined by an agreement with or paid by that town or city, or by the department's preliminary determination or decree of the workers' compensation court, shall be paid by the treasurer of that town or city out of any money of the town or city in its hands.

(2) The payment shall be made by the treasurer upon receipt by him or her of a certificate of those expenses satisfactory to him or her, or of a certified copy of the agreement, preliminary determination, or decree under which the compensation is to be paid; provided, that he or she shall not make any payment until the payment has been approved by the auditor of the city or town if there is any such officer, and if there is not any such officer, then payment shall first be approved by the mayor of the city or the president of the town council of the town.

(3) If more than one payment of money is made or required by any agreement, preliminary determination, or decree, the payments shall be made in the manner provided in this section as they become due.

(4) If any expenses or compensation required to be paid by a town or city under the provisions of chapters 29 – 38 of this title or any installment of them is not paid within twenty (20) days after the certificate or certified copy is filed with the treasurer of the town or city, the expenses or compensation may be collected in the manner in which a judgment against a town or city may be collected under the provisions of §§ 45-15-5 – 45-15-7.

(b) The provisions of this section are subject to the provisions of § 28-33-18.2.

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