Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – Procedure

SECTION 28-35-24

§ 28-35-24. Examination by or opinion of impartial physician.

(a) Whenever the testimony presented at any hearing indicates a dispute, or creates doubt, as to the extent, nature, or cause of disability or death, the workers' compensation court may direct that the injured employee be examined, or may obtain an opinion without examination of an impartial, competent physician designated by the workers' compensation court who is not under contract with or regularly employed or regularly retained by a compensation insurer or self-insured employer.

(b) The expense of the examination shall be paid by the employer. The report of the examination shall be transmitted to the workers' compensation court and a copy of it shall be furnished by the workers' compensation court to each party who shall have an opportunity to rebut it on further hearing.

History of Section.
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