Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation – Procedure

SECTION 28-35-39

§ 28-35-39. Payment of compensation.

Compensation under chapters 29 – 38 of this title shall be paid by check as defined in § 6A-3-104(f) and not by draft, or if mutually agreed upon by both the employee and the employer or its insurer in accordance with § 28-35-40, by electronic fund transfer, or by electronic access device, at no cost to the employee, with the exception of any third-party transactional fees incurred by the employee and shall be paid promptly and directly to the person entitled to it. The check shall contain the following language: "I understand that endorsement hereon or deposit to my accounts constitutes my affirmation that I am receiving these workers' compensation benefits pursuant to law, that I have made no false claims or statements or concealed any material fact, in order to receive these benefits and that doing so would make me liable for civil and criminal penalties, including jail". If paid by electronic fund transfer or by electronic access device, said notice shall be satisfied in accordance with § 28-33-17.2(c)(2). The insurer/employer and/or its third-party administrator shall not have, or be entitled to gain, access to the details of electronic transactions without the express written consent of the employee or court order from a court of competent jurisdiction.

History of Section.
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