Labor and Labor Relations

Workers' Compensation Administrative Fund

SECTION 28-37-31

§ 28-37-31. Data collecting.

(a)(1) Recognizing the need for collection, analysis, and utilization of quantifiable data to provide the basis for recommendations to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of the workers' compensation system, the director of the department of labor and training will be responsible to coordinate a comprehensive program of data collection, in accordance with the standards or recommendations of the international association of industrial accident boards and commissions or the national association of insurance commissioners, that can be utilized to analyze and provide guidance for the improvement of the system through legislation or administrative action.

(2) This analysis will be based on the collection of quantifiable data with emphasis on the actuarial assumptions and projections utilized for the basis of enactment of this section to effect economies in the overall system. The data collection will include, but not be limited to, injury statistics by type of industry and job classification as well as ergonomic statistics and analysis that will assist in the development of safety training programs and rehabilitation programs. Reports will be compiled and submitted to all interested parties enumerated in the section on an annual basis to allow for executive or legislative action to correct or improve on the efficiency of the system.

(3) The director of labor and training will coordinate and distribute statistical analysis to all state departments and agencies impacted by the workers' compensation system, to include the:

(i) Governor;

(ii) Workers' compensation advisory council;

(iii) Workers' compensation court;

(iv) Department of business regulation;

(v) State compensation fund; and

(vi) Other agencies and branches requesting dissemination of information.

(4) The director will also be responsible to recommend sufficient appropriations from his annual budget to meet the expenses of the collection and analysis of data as described in this section.

(b) The director shall promulgate regulations pursuant to § 28-29-26 requiring the provision of any information regarding workers' compensation claims that he or she deems necessary and useful, provided that this information shall be furnished in a form that will not identify, directly or indirectly, any individual employers or employees in any manner.

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