Labor and Labor Relations

Temporary Disability Insurance – General Provisions

SECTION 28-39-8

§ 28-39-8. Withdrawals from reserve fund.

The reserve fund shall be administered and used in any manner that the general assembly shall from time to time prescribe for purposes designed to benefit individuals prevented by injury or sickness from performing their regular or customary work; provided, that any sums that may be requisitioned from the fund by the director, for the expenses of administering chapters 39 – 41 of this title, may be withdrawn from the reserve fund from time to time for the payment of those expenses in accordance with §§ 28-39-33 and 28-39-34. In the event that the balance in the temporary disability insurance fund at any time is insufficient to pay benefits under chapters 39 – 41 of this title, the governor, or the governor's authorized representative, shall cause those sums that may be required for the payment of those benefits to be transferred from the temporary disability insurance reserve fund to the temporary disability insurance fund.

History of Section.
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