Labor and Labor Relations

Indenture of Apprentices

SECTION 28-4-6

§ 28-4-6. Petition or complaint for breach of indenture – Summons.

Whenever a petition or complaint in writing and under oath is made to any judge of the district court that any master or apprentice, within a division where the court is situated, has willfully neglected or refused to comply with or perform the terms and provisions of any indenture, the judge, if satisfied that there is a reasonable cause for the petition or complaint, shall issue a summons requiring the master or apprentice to appear before the court at a time and place named in the summons to answer relative to the petition or complaint. The petitioner or complainant shall cause the summons to be served by some officer qualified to serve civil process upon the person complained of at least six (6) days before the time set for appearance and hearing by reading the summons to the person to be served, or by leaving an attested copy of it with the person to be served in his or her hands and possession, or at his or her last and usual place of abode with some person living there, or if the person to be served is a corporation, then, by leaving an attested copy of the summons with some officer of the corporation or at the office of the corporation with some person employed there.

History of Section.
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