Labor and Labor Relations

Employment Security – Contributions

SECTION 28-43-22

§ 28-43-22. Collection powers – Surety bond to pay.

(a) The director shall have for the collection of contributions imposed by this chapter all powers as are prescribed for collection of contributions in this title. The director may require any employer subject to the taxes imposed by this chapter to file with the director a bond, issued by a surety company authorized to transact business in this state, in any amount that the director may fix, to secure the payment of the contributions, penalties, and interest due or which may become due from that employer.

(b)(1) The director may require the employer to deposit with the general treasurer a bond by way of cash or other security satisfactory to the director in an amount to be determined by the director, but not greater than an amount equal to double the amount of the estimated tax that would normally be due from the employer each month under this chapter, but in no case shall the deposit be less than one hundred dollars ($100).

(2) Where an employer who has deposited a bond with the general treasurer under subdivision (1) of this subsection has failed to collect or remit contributions in accordance with this chapter, the director may, upon giving written notice to the employer by registered mail or personal service, apply the bond in whole or in part to the amount that should have been collected, remitted, or paid by the employer.

History of Section.
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