Labor and Labor Relations

Apprenticeship Programs in Trade and Industry

SECTION 28-45-13

§ 28-45-13. Standards of apprenticeship agreements.

All apprenticeship agreements submitted for approval and registration with the department of labor and training shall contain explicitly or by reference standards adopted by the council, including:

(1) Names and signatures of the contracting parties (apprentice and the program sponsor or employer), and the signature of a parent or guardian if the apprentice is a minor.

(2) The date of birth of apprentice and on a voluntary basis the social security number of the apprentice.

(3) Name and address of the program sponsor and the registration agency.

(4) A statement of the occupation, trade or craft in which the apprentice is to be trained, and the beginning date and term (duration) of apprenticeship.

(5) A statement showing:

(i) The number of hours to be spent by the apprentice in work on the job in a time-based program or a description of the skill sets to be attained by completion of a competency-based program, including the on-the-job learning component; or the minimum number of hours to be spent by the apprentice and a description of the skill sets to be attained by completion of a hybrid program.

(ii) The number of hours to be spent in related and supplemental instruction in technical subjects related to the occupation which is recommended to be not less than one hundred forty-four (144) hours per year.

(6) A statement setting forth a schedule of the work processes in the occupation or industry divisions in which the apprentice is to be trained and the approximate time to be spent at each process.

(7) A statement of the graduated scale of wages to be paid the apprentice and whether or not the required related instruction shall be compensated.

(8) Statements providing:

(i) For a specific period of probation during which time the apprenticeship agreement may be terminated by either party to the agreement upon written notice to the department of labor and training, without adverse impact on the sponsor; and

(ii) That, after the probationary period, the agreement may be cancelled at the request of the apprentice, or may be suspended, or terminated by the sponsor, for good cause, with due notice to the apprentice and a reasonable opportunity for corrective action, and with written notice to the apprentice and to the department of labor and training of the final action taken.

(9) A reference incorporating as part of the agreement the standards of the apprenticeship program as it exists on the date of the agreement and as it may be amended during the period of the agreement.

(10) A statement that the apprentice will be accorded equal opportunity in all phases of apprenticeship employment, and training, without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

(11) Name and address, phone and e-mail (if applicable) of the appropriate authority, if any, designated under the program to receive, process and make disposition of controversies or differences arising out of the apprenticeship agreement when the controversies or differences cannot be adjusted locally or resolved in accordance with the established procedure or applicable collective bargaining provisions.

History of Section.
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