Labor and Labor Relations

Apprenticeship Programs in Trade and Industry

SECTION 28-45-9.2

§ 28-45-9.2. Military service apprenticeship qualifications.

(a) Any person, after having been honorably discharged from military service or having been transferred to reserve status or the national guard after active military service, and whose military occupational specialty provided them with the requisite classroom and workplace training as required by the Rhode Island general laws, or a rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to the Rhode Island general laws, shall be eligible to use that classroom and workplace training to fulfill the requirements for apprentices and/or journeypersons for the following skilled trades:

(1) Electricians, as defined in § 5-6-1 et seq.;

(2) Blasters, as defined in § 23-28.28-31 et seq.;

(3) Plumbers and Irrigators, as defined in § 5-20-1 et seq.;

(4) Hoisting Engineers, as defined in § 28-26-1 et seq.; and

(5) Mechanical Trades, as defined in § 28-27-1 et seq.

(b) Persons meeting any requirements through military service as described in subsection (a) remain subject to licensing fees and examinations for the desired trade license.

(c) To the extent that any provisions contained in this section conflict with the requirements for federal-aid contracts, federal law and regulations shall control.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2014, ch. 421, § 1; P.L. 2014, ch. 445, § 1.)