Labor and Labor Relations

CHAPTER 28-5.1
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

SECTION 28-5.1-5

§ 28-5.1-5. Personnel administration.

(a)(1) The office of personnel administration of the department of administration, in consultation with the office of diversity, equity and opportunity, shall prepare a comprehensive plan indicating the appropriate steps necessary to maintain and secure the equal-opportunity responsibility and commitment of that division. The plan shall set forth attainable goals and target dates based upon a utilization study for achievement of the goals, together with operational assignment for each element of the plan to assure measurable progress.

(2) The office of personnel administration shall:

(i) Take positive steps to ensure that the entire examination and testing process, including the development of job specifications and employment qualifications, is free from either conscious or inadvertent bias, and

(ii) Review all recruitment procedures for all state agencies covered by this chapter for compliance with federal and state law, and bring to the attention of the equal opportunity administrator matters of concern to its jurisdiction.

(3) The division of budget shall indicate in the annual personnel supplement progress made toward the achievement of equal-employment goals.

(4) The division of purchases shall cooperate in administering the state contract-compliance programs.

(5) The division of statewide planning shall cooperate in ensuring compliance from all recipients of federal grants.

(b) The office of labor relations shall propose in negotiations the inclusion of affirmative-action language suitable to the need for attaining and maintaining a diverse workforce.

(c) There is created a six-member (6) committee that shall monitor negotiations with all collective bargaining units within state government specifically for equal-opportunity and affirmative-action interests. The members of that committee shall include the director of the Rhode Island commission for human rights, the associate director of the office of diversity, equity and opportunity, the equal opportunity administrator, the personnel administrator, one member of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker, and one member of the senate appointed by the president of the senate.

History of Section.
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