Labor and Labor Relations

CHAPTER 28-5.1
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

SECTION 28-5.1-6

§ 28-5.1-6. Commission for human rights.

The Rhode Island commission for human rights shall exercise its enforcement powers as defined in chapter 5 of this title and in this chapter, and shall have the full cooperation of all state agencies. Wherever necessary, the commission shall, at its own initiative or upon a complaint, bring charges of discrimination against those agencies and their personnel who fail to comply with the applicable state laws and this chapter. This commission also has the power to order discontinuance of any departmental or division employment pattern or practice deemed discriminatory in intent by the commission, after a hearing on the record, and may seek court enforcement of such an order. The commission shall utilize the state equal opportunity office as its liaison with state government. The Rhode Island commission for human rights is authorized to make any rules and regulations that it deems necessary to carry out its responsibilities under this chapter, and to establish any sanctions that may be appropriate within the rules and regulations of the state.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1988, ch. 149, § 1.)