Labor and Labor Relations

The Rhode Island Jobs Match Enhancement Program

SECTION 28-55-3

§ 28-55-3. The Rhode Island enhanced job match system.

On or before July 2, 2014, the department of labor and training shall implement the jobs match enhancement program using the current department of labor and training web based workforce and job system as a basis, with significant enhancements, as follows:

(1) It shall be easy for employers to participate in, update and receive responses from job seekers, addressing potential barriers to participation;

(2) It shall be understandable, accessible and productive for job seekers, including measures to ensure literacy-based accessibility;

(3) It shall allow for the prompt identification of workers who are partially, but not fully matched for job openings, resulting in timely skill gap remediation plans;

(4) It shall have the ability to address identified skill gaps through the provision of training and/or education;

(5) It shall notify the department of labor and training of the nature of the skill gaps which exist between job openings and job seekers, and shall have the ability to aggregate skill gap reports for the department;

(6) It shall be promoted and advertised to maximize business and employment use; and

(7) In an effort to ensure that employers' hiring needs are being met, employers shall be encouraged to engage with the system and provide information pertaining to job openings and desired skill sets for potential new hires.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2013, ch. 144, art. 15, § 4.)