Free Public Libraries

SECTION 29-4-2

§ 29-4-2. Annual appropriations – Acceptance and management of donations.

Any town or city having established a free public library therein, in the manner described in § 29-4-1, may annually, by the majority vote of the electors of the town qualified to vote and voting on the proposition, or by vote of the city council of the city, appropriate such sum or sums as it shall deem proper for the maintenance and increase of the library, and may take, receive, hold, and manage any devise, bequest, or donation for the establishment, maintenance, or increase of a public library therein. Any town or city may annually, in like manner, appropriate for the maintenance and increase of any free public library therein such sum or sums as may be deemed proper for the maintenance and increase of the free public library and for land, buildings, and capital improvements for such free public library.

History of Section.
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