State Aid to Libraries

SECTION 29-6-2

§ 29-6-2. Public library services.

(a) For each city or town, the state's share to support local public library services shall be equal to at least twenty-five percent (25%) of both the amount appropriated and expended in the second preceding fiscal year by the city or town from local tax revenues and funds from the public library's private endowment that supplement the municipal appropriation; provided, however, the state in any year shall not be obligated to match any amount from the endowment that exceeds six percent (6%) of the three-year (3) average market value, calculated at the end of the calendar year, of the investments in the endowment. The amount of the grant payable to each municipality in any year in accordance with this section shall be reduced proportionately in the event that the total of those grants in any year exceeds the amount appropriated that year for the purposes of this section. Provided further, however, that the reference year for the state's share of support to be paid in the year ending June 30, 2008 shall be the third preceding year.

(b) Those public libraries that do not qualify for aid pursuant to the provisions of subsection (a) of this section may apply for resource sharing grants, to be used exclusively for the purpose of payment of the ocean state libraries (OSL) annual assessment charges. Eligible public libraries shall apply directly to the office of library and information services for these resource sharing grants, and the grants shall be awarded to the libraries individually, rather than to the city or town. Eligible libraries must be or become members of the OSL upon receipt of the grant, serve municipalities that meet minimum standards for Rhode Island public libraries, and meet standards for member libraries of the library of Rhode Island (LORI) network.

(c) Provided, that notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter to the contrary, the state's share to support local public library services shall also include funding to the Pontiac Free Library in the city of Warwick for said library's participation in the ocean state libraries (OSL). Such funding shall be provided regardless of whether the city of Warwick appropriates funds from local tax revenues to said library. The amount of said state support shall be equal to the average of the amount appropriated by the city of Warwick to each library in said municipality for participation in the OSL program, in accordance with the provisions of and formulas set forth in subsection (a). Provided, further, that in the event the city of Warwick appropriates funds from local tax revenues for the Pontiac Free Library, then the amount of the state's share to said library shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of subsection (a) for any year in which such calculation is applicable.

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