State Publications Clearinghouse

SECTION 29-7-8

§ 29-7-8. Clearinghouse advisory committee.

There shall be a state publications clearinghouse advisory committee. The committee shall consist of nine (9) members, five (5) of whom to be selected from the clearinghouse member libraries and appointed by the state librarian to two-year (2) terms. The state librarian and the director of the clearinghouse shall be ex-officio members of the committee. The chairperson of the CRIARL government documents committee or designee, who shall be a member of the CRIARL committee, and a state agency representative designated by the chief library officer shall also be ex-officio members. The purpose of the committee shall be to advise the state librarian and the clearinghouse director on the operation of the state publications clearinghouse for libraries. The committee shall meet quarterly and shall elect a chairperson to preside at meetings, and a secretary to record the meeting minutes and distribute them to the clearinghouse depository libraries.

History of Section.
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