Title 3
Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 10
Taxation of Beverages

R.I. Gen. Laws § 3-10-18

§ 3-10-18. Payment of malt beverage tax.

A person who has placed an order with the department of business regulation for the importation of malt beverages into this state under the provisions of § 3-10-16, shall file a duplicate copy of that order with the tax administrator. The administrator shall determine the amount of tax due in connection with that order under the provisions of § 3-10-17. Notice of the amount of the tax determined shall be certified to the general treasurer. The tax shall be paid to the general treasurer as a condition precedent to the forwarding of the order by the department of business regulation. If the order is placed by a licensee who engages to store the beverages ordered or any part of them in the warehouse of the department of business regulation, then the payment of the tax may be deferred until the beverages are withdrawn from the warehouse, and in that case as beverages are withdrawn the tax shall be paid.

History of Section.
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