Alcoholic Beverages

Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act

SECTION 3-14-13

§ 3-14-13. Privileges.

(a) No licensee is liable for damages resulting from a good faith refusal to serve liquor to any individual who:

(1) Fails to show proper identification of age;

(2) Reasonably appears to be a minor; or

(3) Is refused service in a good faith effort to prevent him or her from becoming visibly intoxicated.

(b) No licensee is liable for retaining identification documents presented to the licensee as proof of the individual's age for the purpose of receiving liquor provided:

(1) Retention is for a reasonable length of time in a good faith effort to determine whether the individual is of legal age; and

(2) The licensee informs the individual why he or she is retaining the identification documents.

(c) This section does not limit a licensee's right to assert any other defense provided by law.

(d) A licensee may not be held liable under this chapter for failing to exercise any privilege provided in this section; however, this subsection does not provide immunity from liability under §§ 3-14-6 and 3-14-7.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 537, § 2.)