Alcoholic Beverages

Transportation of Beverages


§ 3-4-1. Importation orders.

(a) Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to import beverages into this state. A person desiring to import beverages into this state may place with the division of taxation an order directed to a dealer for the beverage he or she desires to import and shall satisfy the division of taxation of his or her intention to pay for the merchandise. The division of taxation shall execute these orders unless doing so would involve some illegal act or the doing of an act which would be cause for the forfeiture of any license issued under this title.

(b) All sellers, dealers, merchants, wholesalers and retailers of beverages who advertise in the state of Rhode Island, or whose advertisements are reasonably anticipated to circulate in this state shall prominently and conspicuously include within the advertisement a notice printed using a font size equal to but not larger than the font size of the largest price designation featured in the advertisement stating that the importation of beverages into the state, after purchase outside of the state, are subject to Rhode Island sales tax, and the failure to pay such tax may result in the seizure of such beverages upon entry into the state.

(c) Any entity accepting commercial advertisements from any seller, dealer, merchant, wholesaler or retailer of beverages shall not publish such advertisement for the sale of such beverages unless the advertisement includes the notice set forth in this section.

History of Section.
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