Alcoholic Beverages

Transportation of Beverages


§ 3-4-2. Payment of purchase price and service charges.

If the division of taxation decides to execute an order pursuant to § 3-4-1, it may require the payment to it, with the order and the means of paying for the merchandise desired, of a reasonable sum to cover any expenses it may be put to in connection with the transaction taken in connection with other similar transactions. It is a condition precedent to the receiving of the merchandise covered by the order that the party desiring the importation has paid the division of taxation a service charge based upon the manufacturing rates set forth in § 3-10-1 provided, that if the order is placed by a licensee who engages to store the goods ordered, or any part of them, in the warehouse of the department, then the payment of the service charge may be deferred until the goods are withdrawn from the warehouse and in that case the service charge is paid before each lot or parcel is withdrawn.

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