Alcoholic Beverages

Licenses Generally

SECTION 3-5-19

§ 3-5-19. Transfer or relocation of license.

(a) The board, body or official which has issued any license under this title may permit the license to be used at any other place within the limits of the town or city where the license was granted, or, in their discretion, permit the license to be transferred to another person, but in all cases of change of licensed place or of transfer of license, the issuing body shall, before permitting the change or transfer, give notice of the application for the change or transfer in the same manner as is provided in this chapter in the case of original application for the license, and a new bond shall be given upon the issuance of the license provided, that notice by mail need not be made in the case of a transfer of a license without relocation. In all cases of transfer of license, indebtedness of the licensee incurred in the operation of the licensed premises shall be paid to or released by an objecting creditor before the issuing body permits the transfer. In cases of dispute as to the amount of indebtedness, the issuing body, may, in its discretion, permit the transfer upon statement of the licensee, under oath, that the claim of indebtedness is disputed and that the statement of dispute is not interposed for the purpose of inducing transfer of the license. No creditor is allowed to object to the transfer of a license by a receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, assignee for the benefit of creditors, executor, administrator, guardian or by any public officer under judicial process. In case of the death of any licensee, the license becomes part of the personal estate of the deceased. The holders of any retail Class A license within the city or town issuing or transferring a Class A license have standing to be heard before the board, body, or official granting or transferring the license.

(b) The transfer of a license is contingent upon the full payment of outstanding police detail bills.

(c) The transferee of a license assumes all penalties that the license board has imposed upon the transferor of the license.

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