Alcoholic Beverages

Manufacturing and Wholesale Licenses

SECTION 3-6-1.2

§ 3-6-1.2. Brewpub manufacturer's license.

(a) A brewpub manufacturer's license shall authorize the holder to establish and operate a brewpub within this state. The brewpub manufacturer's license shall authorize the retail sale of the beverages manufactured on the location for consumption on the premises. The license shall not authorize the retail sale of beverages from any location other than the location set forth in the license. A brewpub may sell at retail alcoholic beverages produced on the premises by the half-gallon bottle known as a "growler" to consumers for off the premises consumption to be sold pursuant to the laws governing retail Class A establishments.

(b) The license shall also authorize the sale at wholesale at the licensed place by the manufacturer of the product of his or her licensed plant as well as beverages produced for the brewpub and sold under the brewpub's name to a holder of a wholesaler's license and the transportation and delivery from the place of sale to the licensed wholesaler or to a common carrier for that delivery.

(c) The brewpub manufacturer's license further authorizes the sale of beverages manufactured on the premises to any person holding a valid wholesaler's and importer's license under § 3-6-9 or 3-6-11.

(d) The annual fee for the license is one thousand dollars ($1,000) for a brewpub producing more than fifty thousand (50,000) gallons per year and five hundred dollars ($500) per year for a brewpub producing less than fifty thousand (50,000) gallons per year. The annual fee is prorated to the year ending December 1 in every calendar year and paid to the division of taxation and turned over to the general treasurer for the use of the state.

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