Alcoholic Beverages

Manufacturing and Wholesale Licenses

SECTION 3-6-10

§ 3-6-10. Wholesaler's license – Class B.

(a) A wholesaler's license, Class B, authorizes the holder to keep for sale and to sell malt and vinous beverages and distilled spirits at wholesale, at the place described in the license, to holders of licenses under this title within this state and to holders of wholesale licenses in other states and authorizes the transportation and delivery from the place of sale to those license holders or to a common carrier for that delivery. Sales by a wholesaler in this state to a holder of a wholesale license in another state shall be only to a wholesaler who is a distributor of the same brand of malt beverages, vinous beverages, and distilled spirits subject to permission by the state liquor control administrator. The license shall not authorize the sale of beverages for consumption on the premises where sold nor the sale of beverages for delivery outside this state in violation of the law of the place of delivery.

(b) The annual fee for the license is four thousand dollars ($4,000) prorated to the year ending December 1 in every calendar year, and shall be paid to the general treasurer for the use of the state whenever any malt beverages, vinous beverages, and distilled spirits are sold outside the state pursuant to this section. Refunds or credits of import fees previously paid on malt beverages, vinous beverages and distilled spirits shall be made to holders of wholesaler's licenses under this title in accordance with regulations promulgated by the division of taxation.

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