Alcoholic Beverages

Retail Licenses

SECTION 3-7-15.1

§ 3-7-15.1. Class GD license.

(a) A retailer's Class GD license, upon application, shall be issued only to an operator of a vessel engaged in regular interstate commerce, providing overnight accommodations for passengers.

(b) The holder of a Class GD license is permitted to keep for sale and to serve alcoholic beverages to passengers traveling on board the vessel while the vessel is docked at any port in this state.

(c) The Class GD license is good throughout this state as a state license and no further license is required or tax imposed by any city or town upon this privilege.

(d) All licenses issued shall include the name of the vessel licensed and shall be posted on board the vessel.

(e) The fee for the Class GD license is the sum of one hundred dollars ($100) and the term is for one year.

(f) The Class GD license shall not authorize the sale of alcoholic beverages on board the vessel for more than seventy-two (72) consecutive hours in any one port in this state and not more than one seventy-two (72) hour period within any calendar week in any one port in this state.

(g) A Class G and GD liquor license may be issued for the same vessel, notwithstanding the provisions of § 3-5-9.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 540, § 1; P.L. 1987, ch. 187, § 1.)