Alcoholic Beverages

Retail Licenses

SECTION 3-7-15

§ 3-7-15. Class G license.

(a) A Class G retailer's license shall be issued only to any dining car company, sleeping car company, parlor car company, and railroad company operating in this state, or any company operating passenger carrying marine vessels in this state, or any airline operating in this state, and authorizes the holder of the license to keep for sale and to sell in its dining cars, sleeping cars, buffet cars, club cars, lounge cars and any other cars used for the transportation or accommodation of passengers, and in or on any passenger-carrying marine vessel, and in any airplane, beverages for consumption therein or thereon, but only when actually en route.

(b) In addition, the holder of the Class G license for a passenger-carrying marine vessel may serve alcoholic beverages at retail aboard the vessel during the period thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure and until departure, provided that the local licensing board annually consents.

(c) Each company or airline to which the license is issued shall pay to the department an annual fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) for the license, and one dollar ($1.00) for each duplicate of the license, which fees are paid into the state treasury.

(d) The license expires one year from its date and is good throughout the state as a state license, and only one license is required for all cars or airplanes, but a license issued to any company or person operating passenger-carrying marine vessels in this state shall authorize the sale of beverages only in the passenger-carrying marine vessel designated and no further license shall be required or tax levied by any city or town for the privilege of selling beverages for consumption in those cars or on those vessels or in those airplanes. Each licensed dining car company, sleeping car company, and railroad car company shall keep a duplicate of the license posted in each car where beverages are sold. The department shall issue duplicates of the license from time to time upon the request of any licensed company upon the payment of the fee of one dollar ($1.00).

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