Alcoholic Beverages

Retail Licenses


§ 3-7-5. Class A license issued to Class E licensee.

It is permissible for the holder of a retailer's Class E license to hold a retailer's Class A license. No Class A license shall be granted to a holder of a Class E license unless the holder of a Class E license maintains, operates, manages, or conducts a drugstore. The drugstore shall be operated as a self-contained and independent establishment and shall not be located in, or be operated as, a part of any market, department store, or hardware store. For a Class A license as described, the holder of a Class E license shall pay the regular annual license fee and have the full privilege of a Class A license. Provided, however, the licensing authority for the city of Providence may relieve the holder of a Class E license from the requirement to maintain, operate, manage, or conduct a drugstore as a condition of the continued holding of a Class A license, issued to or renewed by said licensee.

History of Section.
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