Military Affairs and Defense

CHAPTER 30-17.1
Veterans' Affairs

SECTION 30-17.1-11

§ 30-17.1-11. The duties of the committee.

(a) The advisory committee, acting through the office of veterans' affairs, shall work in conjunction with the department of human services to develop, maintain, and annually update a five-year (5) statewide veterans' services strategic plan ("VSSP") that includes goals and measurable outcomes to ensure that all departments deliver comprehensive services and supports for veterans and their families.

(b) The advisory committee shall conduct an analysis of study toward the development of the "VSSP" that shall include, but not be limited to, the following veterans' issues:

(1) Living in poverty;

(2) Disability benefits;

(3) Employment and training;

(4) Education;

(5) Family members and caregivers;

(6) Financial planning;

(7) Homelessness;

(8) Legal services;

(9) Long-term care;

(10) Mortuary affairs;

(11) Healthcare;

(12) Transitional assistance; and

(13) Transportation.

(c) The chairperson of the committee shall consult regularly with veterans and community groups that represent diverse interests and viewpoints and the federal department of veterans' affairs, to receive input on all matters pertaining to the preparation or implementation of the veterans' services strategic plan.

(d) The "VSSP" shall:

(1) Be based upon comprehensive data gained through open and transparent engagement of veterans' stakeholders;

(2) Produce veteran-centric policies and procedures informed by forward looking planning;

(3) Realistically assess resource adequacy and capabilities delivered;

(4) Ensure that existing resources are aligned to mission critical objectives;

(5) Complement, as well as leverage, existing U.S. Veterans' Administration programs and best practices;

(6) Foster state, federal, and private partnerships that seamlessly deliver exceptional services to the state's veteran population; and

(7) More effectively coordinate the delivery of veterans' services to all current and future veterans in Rhode Island.

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