Military Affairs and Defense

Rhode Island Veterans' Home

SECTION 30-24-10.1

§ 30-24-10.1. Domiciliary care program for homeless veterans.

The director of the department of human services is hereby authorized and empowered to establish and maintain a domiciliary care program for homeless veterans (veterans transitional supportive program, V.T.S.P.) at the Rhode Island veterans' home. Any veteran admitted to the Rhode Island veterans' home pursuant to this section shall be exempt from the maintenance fee assessment established pursuant to § 30-24-10; provided, however, that the director shall assess against each veteran admitted under this program a monthly maintenance fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the veteran's monthly gross income, from whatever source derived and whether taxable or non-taxable. In addition there will also be additional beds called extended, V.T.S.P. beds to which a monthly maintenance fee of thirty percent (30%) will be charged. Extended V.T.S.P. will be available to eligible veterans in the V.T.S.P. program, but occupancy will not exceed four (4) months. The maintenance fee shall be paid monthly to the veterans' home and shall be deposited in the veterans' home fund. Any failure to make payment when due shall be cause for dismissal from the facility. Prior to any dismissal for non-payment of fees, the veteran shall be afforded administrative due process. The director is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations to effectuate the intent and provisions of this section, and this grant of authority to promulgate rules and regulations shall be liberally construed.

History of Section.
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