Military Affairs and Defense

Rhode Island Veterans' Home

SECTION 30-24-3

§ 30-24-3. Administrator – Advisory council.

(a) The director of veterans services shall appoint an administrator for the Rhode Island veterans' home who shall be an honorably discharged war veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

(b) There shall be an advisory council for veterans' affairs, consisting of not more than fifteen (15) qualified electors of this state, ten (10) of whom shall be honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces of the United States; twelve (12) of the members shall be appointed by the governor, consisting of a member designated by each of the various state departments of the active federally chartered veteran organizations, and the remaining member or members at large; provided, however, that each of those departments of veteran organizations shall have, and continue to have, at least one member on the advisory council for veterans' affairs; and, provided further, that one member shall be a female veteran, one member shall be a minority veteran; one member of the house of representatives, to be appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives, and one member from the senate, to be appointed by the president of the senate. The members of the general assembly who shall serve on the advisory council for veterans' affairs shall serve so long as they are members of the general assembly. The final remaining member shall be an active National Guard person to be appointed by the state adjutant general.

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