Military Affairs and Defense

Burial of Veterans

SECTION 30-25-10

§ 30-25-10. Care of neglected graves.

The director of human services is authorized and empowered to undertake the care of any grave of any soldier or sailor who fought in the war of the revolution, or who at any time served the United States in any war, when the grave appears to have been neglected or abandoned. For that purpose, the director, and the agents or employees of the division, when duly authorized thereunto by the director, may enter into and upon any public or private cemetery or burial place to clear any grave of grass, weeds, brush, briars, or rubbish; to erect, replace, repair, or renovate fences, memorial stones, or markers; and to perform the other tasks as may be necessary to restore and maintain the grave and its surroundings in a decent and orderly condition.

History of Section.
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