Military Affairs and Defense

National Guard

SECTION 30-3-19

§ 30-3-19. Allowances for staff officers.

Each member of the staff of the commander-in-chief provided for in § 30-2-2 shall be allowed and paid the sum of one hundred dollars ($100) upon the actual procurement by him or her of the arms, uniform, and equipment prescribed and every staff member who shall, in a twelve-month (12) period immediately preceding the first day of May in each year, have maintained and kept his or her prescribed arms, uniform, and equipment in proper order, shall annually, on the first day of May, be allowed and paid in addition to the sum set forth in § 30-3-18, the sum of one hundred dollars ($100) or a proportionately less sum for any less period of time. The above sum shall be paid out of the appropriation for the support of the national guard upon the approval of the adjutant general and upon his or her certification that these members have complied with the requirements of this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1956, ch. 3742, par. 63; G.L. 1956, § 30-3-19.)