Title 30
Military Affairs and Defense

Chapter 30.1
Educational Benefits for Disabled American Veterans

R.I. Gen. Laws § 30-30.1-1

§ 30-30.1-1. Educational benefits for disabled American veterans.

Any veteran who is a permanent resident of this state who submits proof sufficient to establish a veterans’ rated ten percent (10%) to one hundred percent (100%) disability by the department of veterans’ affairs as a result of military service shall be entitled to take courses at any public institution of higher education in the state without the payment of tuition, exclusive of other fees and charges; provided, however, that any person eligible for financial aid as determined by the institution of higher education shall apply for such financial aid. Any financial aid award received by the applicant shall be applied towards the full amount of tuition that would otherwise have been charged by the public institution of higher education. Students using the tuition waivers for courses and competitive programs shall register at the start of open registration for the applicable semester in accordance with each institution’s registration policies. This includes priority registration where granted to students with disability status. Use of this waiver for competitive programs does not supersede any existing academic criteria for admission into those programs.

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