Military Affairs and Defense

National Security Infrastructure Support Fund

SECTION 30-32-4

§ 30-32-4. Administration of funds.

(a) The commerce corporation is designated as the public corporation to administer the national security infrastructure support fund and may receive annual funding from appropriations made for that purpose. The funds shall be separately identified with corresponding revenues and expenses within the financial statements of the commerce corporation. No charges or fees for the operating expenses of the fund, such as legal fees or appraisals related to a specific transaction, shall be allocated from the fund to the commerce corporation.

(b) Within the national security infrastructure support fund, two (2) distinct grant programs shall be established to carry out the legislative intent of the fund. They shall be known as the:

(1) Military facility protection program ("MFPP"), and

(2) The defense economy community reinvestment program ("DECRP").

History of Section.
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