Military Affairs and Defense

National Security Infrastructure Support Fund

SECTION 30-32-5

§ 30-32-5. Military facility protection program.

(a) The purpose of this fund is to address emergent needs relating to mission sustainment, encroachment reduction or prevention, and base retention. All funds appropriated for the purposes of this program are eligible to be used for matching of federal funds.

(b) The specific allocation of the funds shall be determined by the commerce corporation, after consultation with the fund's advisory board, and within the following program guidelines:

(1) To provide grants and loans to improve water, sewer, electric, gas, roads, rail systems, runways, navigational, or security systems relating to the support of national security infrastructures located within the state;

(2) To secure real estate and tangible property, as well as non-conservation lands, to be used for expansion or to protect against encroachment around national security installations within the state;

(3) To support best practices in energy efficiency savings initiatives at military facilities, including renewable energy applications;

(4) To support innovative public/private partnerships in military facility operations, including utility, housing, purchasing, and transportation services; and

(5) To provide grants to increase the mission-related capabilities of the national security infrastructures located within the state.

History of Section.
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