Military Affairs and Defense


SECTION 30-8-9

§ 30-8-9. Rhode Island defense service medal.

(a) Members of the national guard ordered, called, or drafted to active duty under the constitution and laws of the United States during the Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm call-up and all members of the National Guard who were part of the selected Reserve in good standing between August 2, 1990, through November 30, 1995; and from September 11, 2001, to a date to be determined or federal call-ups subsequent thereto, or those serving on full-time national guard training duty during the federal call-up may be awarded the Rhode Island defense service medal. No more than one Rhode Island defense service medal shall be awarded to any person, but for each succeeding service, a bronze oak-leaf cluster shall be awarded in lieu thereof.

(b) The adjutant general shall follow the provisions of §§ 30-8-6 and 30-8-7 with reference to the design and procurement of the medal and the rules, regulations, and orders with reference thereto.

History of Section.
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