Military Affairs and Defense

Military Property

SECTION 30-9-11

§ 30-9-11. Search warrant.

Any court of the state empowered to issue search warrants, on complaint on oath made to it by the adjutant general, by any commissioned officer authorized by the adjutant general, or by any commanding officer of any organization, unit, or separate detachment of the national guard, that any arms, ammunition, uniforms, equipment, supplies, or other military property of the state, or for which the state is responsible, is unlawfully being withheld by any person within the jurisdiction of the court, and where the military property is believed to be in a particular place specified in the complaint, shall issue to any deputy sheriff, town sergeant, member of any municipal or state police, or town constable a warrant in the nature of a search warrant, commanding him or her, in the name of the state, diligently to search the house or place described therein, in the daytime and, upon the finding of the military property, the court issuing the warrant shall order the property to be delivered to the officer making the complaint.

History of Section.
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