Motor and Other Vehicles

Operators' and Chauffeurs' Licenses

SECTION 31-10-22

§ 31-10-22. Road test. [Effective January 1, 2018.].

(a) All applicants for a motor vehicle license shall pass a motor vehicle road test as prescribed by the administrator of the division of motor vehicles in a motor vehicle supplied by the applicant or in a dual-controlled motor vehicle supplied by the state. In the case of the examination for a chauffeur to operate a truck, tractor, trailer, tractor semi-trailer, bus, or other vehicle for hire, or a person who will operate only a vehicle equipped with automatic shift, or a person who is disabled and requires the use of a specially equipped motor vehicle, the person shall be examined in a vehicle furnished by the person. At the option of any person who is disabled, the road test shall be administered by the local office of the division of motor vehicles nearest that person's home. A fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) shall be charged for all road tests, including repeat road tests, following failure of a road test.

(b) Any applicant for a motor vehicle license with limited English proficiency (LEP) may, during the road test, be accompanied by an interpreter, at the applicant's own expense and choosing, who may translate the road test examiner's directions to the applicant. The interpreter shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older. The applicant shall be responsible for and assume all liability for the presence of the interpreter in the motor vehicle. The division of motor vehicles is authorized and directed to promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this subsection.

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