Motor and Other Vehicles

Suspension or Revocation of Licenses – Violations

SECTION 31-11-13

§ 31-11-13. Failure to surrender license certificate.

If any person whose license has been cancelled, suspended, or revoked neglects or refuses to surrender the license certificate to the division of motor vehicles immediately upon demand by it or by any of its authorized agents, the person, in addition to being subject to the other penalties provided by this title, shall thereafter be disqualified from receiving any license to operate until the license certificate is returned to the division of motor vehicles or a reasonable explanation of the circumstances is given to the division of motor vehicles. In the absence of a reasonable explanation, the person shall be disqualified from receiving a license to operate motor vehicles under the provisions of chapter 10 of this title for a period of thirty (30) days in addition to the period of the suspension or revocation.

History of Section.
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