Motor and Other Vehicles

Suspension or Revocation of Licenses – Violations

SECTION 31-11-5

§ 31-11-5. Abstracts of court records – Recommendations of judge.

A full record shall be kept by every court in this state of every case in which a person is charged with violation of any provision of this title, or any act relative to motor vehicles, or to the operation of the vehicles. An abstract of the record shall be sent by the court to the division of motor vehicles within ten (10) days of the time when the case is disposed of. The abstract shall be made upon forms prepared by the division of motor vehicles and shall include all necessary information as to the parties to the cause, the nature of the offense, the date of the hearing, the plea, the decision, the judgment, and the result, and every abstract shall be certified by the clerk of the court. The division of motor vehicles shall keep the records and they shall be open to the public inspection during the business hours of the division of motor vehicles. The judge of any court in the state may, in his or her discretion, or upon the request of the division of motor vehicles or its agents, furnish to the division of motor vehicles the details of cases which have been heard before the court; and the judge may make an order to the division of motor vehicles as to the suspension of the license of the defendant in cases as he or she may deem necessary. The order shall be binding on the division of motor vehicles.

History of Section.
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