Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 19
Operation of Bicycles

R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-19-18

§ 31-19-18. Bicycle racing.

(a) Bicycle racing on the highways is prohibited except as authorized in this section.

(b) Bicycle racing on a highway shall not be unlawful when a racing event has been approved by state or local authorities on any highways under their respective jurisdictions. The approval of bicycle highway racing events shall be granted only under conditions which assure reasonable safety for all race participants, spectators, and other highway users, and which prevent unreasonable interference with traffic flow which would seriously inconvenience other highway users.

(c) By agreement with the approving authority, participants in an approved bicycle highway racing event may be exempted from compliance with any traffic laws otherwise applicable to it, provided that traffic control is adequate to assure the safety of all highway users.

History of Section.
P.L. 1976, ch. 58, § 2.