Motor and Other Vehicles

Division of Motor Vehicles

SECTION 31-2-1

§ 31-2-1. Establishment – Duties – Chief of division.

Within the department of revenue there shall be a division of motor vehicles. The division will be responsible for activities assigned to it by law, including, but not limited to, motor vehicle registration, testing and licensing of motor vehicle operators, inspection of motor vehicles, and enforcement of laws relating to the issuance, suspension and revocation of motor vehicle registrations and drivers' licenses. The division shall administer the financial responsibility law. The chief of the division shall use the title and designation "registrar" or "administrator" on all licenses, registrations, orders of suspensions, financial responsibility notices or orders, or any other official documents issued or promulgated by the division. He or she shall exercise all powers and duties prescribed by chapters 1 – 27 of this title and shall supervise and direct the promotion of highway traffic safety.

History of Section.
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