Motor and Other Vehicles

Stopping, Standing, and Parking Restrictions

SECTION 31-21-15

§ 31-21-15. Temporary no parking.

In the event that the state or any municipality creates a temporary parking ban in a given area, any signs within that area allowing parking shall be covered in such a manner that the lettering on the signs shall not be visible, provided that, the provisions of this section pertaining to the covering of signs need not be complied with during any snow emergency or other emergency, or when the state or municipality is conducting any street sweeping or other maintenance activities. Any costs to be incurred shall be borne by the municipality in which the signs are located, and the provisions of this section shall not be considered as state mandated costs pursuant to chapter 13 of title 45.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1984, ch. 419, § 1.)