Motor and Other Vehicles

Stopping, Standing, and Parking Restrictions

SECTION 31-21-16

§ 31-21-16. Liability of owner, operator, and lessee.

(a) The owner of a rented or leased motor vehicle shall be entitled to establish non-liability for parking violations by providing to the traffic tribunal or any municipality which has jurisdiction over parking tickets, a copy of a written rental or lease agreement which shall be prima facie evidence that the lessee was the operator of the vehicle.

(b) The issuing authority shall provide to the owner of a rented or leased vehicle a notice, in writing, of each parking violation in which a motor vehicle owned by the rental or leasing company is involved, including the license number of the vehicle and the date and time of the parking violation. Upon receipt of this notice the owner of a rented or leased vehicle shall inform the issuing authority, within twenty (20) days, to the extent available, the operator's name, home address, employer, employer's address, and local address, if any.

(c) The renter or lessee shall not be considered an agent of the owner if the owner is engaged in the business of renting or leasing vehicles.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1984, ch. 419, § 1.)